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I grew up with a great family in Saginaw, MI. I am the youngest of 3 and the only one to move out of the state of Michigan. We are a very close family and make sure to see each other often.

On my down time I like to hang out with friends and family and once in a while sneak out to IO in Chicago to do some late night improv. One of my favorite activities is going to comedy clubs like Zanies in Chicago. One of these days I hope to get out and do some stand up of my own.

I often daydream about winning the lottery and really feel like I am going to win the big one. I really can't wait for it to happen the anticipation is killing me! I see myself buying a home on a lake and spending the days out on my new boat exploring the waters…

I love to travel so I try to go one new place every other year and more if possible. The latest trips have been to Aruba and Las Vegas, NV. Some places I would love to visit in the US are Alaska, Colorado, Boston, and Atlantic City. Places I would love to visit outside the US are India, Italy, Iceland, Greece, Ireland and Australia. I heard about a hotel built of ice and snow just north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden which I think would be great to stay in for 1 night then off to a tropical island somewhere to warm up. If the truth be told I would go anywhere as long as it was safe.  

Cross your fingers I win the big one this week!

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